Apply for a Travel Grant

Download the travel grant application template.

For those of you who have an abstract accepted for the upcoming YES meeting, we will be opening registration on 17 January. When you register, you can also submit an application for a travel grant. Once you download the application template, fill in details regarding your expected travel costs, and then upload this document when you register for the meeting.

We will review each of these applications on individual basis, and we will do our best to award the travel grants to participants who need them the most, although we may not be able to provide all participants with travel grants and we may only be able to provide partial support in same cases. We also urge all of you to choose the most cost-effective itinerary, which should also include alternative airports such as Orlando or Jacksonville, and if you are interested in sharing a room with another meeting participant please email us. We urge all participants to do this so that additional money can be invested in order to have the most enriching experience for as many students as possible.

For this YES meeting there are no registration fees, and meals, coffee breaks, and networking activities are for free, as well as our selection of hands-on lab and professional training courses.

We look forward to seeing you all in Gainesville very soon!